Evangelist Content Planning


  • Logan
  • Kelsie
  • Dan
  • Bill
  • James

SF Pillar Content

  • B2B Growth
  • Content Camp
  • B2B Podcasting Q&A
  • Customer Masterminds
  • Sweet Talk - internal podcast
  • All Hands
  • Internal meetings
  • Sales calls
  • Content where we’ve been featured as a guest

SF Content Themes

  • Content Marketing
  • B2B Podcasting
  • Content-Based Networking

Evangelist Expertise/Buyer Focus Ratio

50/50 - was thinking 80/20 originally

Content Types

  1. LinkedIn Decks
  • Top minds in <ABM/Demand Gen/etc>
  • Timely/seasonal references (Oscars)
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • 3 tips from <influencer>
  • 3 things you should know about <topic>
  • List posts (top books, top podcasts, etc)
  • LinkedIn tips
  • B2B Podcasting tips
  • Content marketing tips
  • Content-Based Networking tips

2. Micro videos

  • Content Camp
  • Customer Masterminds
  • B2B Growth
  • B2B Podcasting Q&A
  • Logan’s sales calls
  • Internal meetings
  • All Hands
  • Funny videos (produced by SF)
  • Funny/inspiring videos (curated from other creators like Stephen Mackey & Cheddar)
  • Mean Reviews (marketers reading their product’s bad G2 Reviews)
  • MarTech Showdown (based on G2 reviews)
  • Celebrating new contributors

3. Text posts

  • from existing blog content
  • Failure stories
  • POVs
  • Round ups (best books, podcasts, etc)
  • List posts (4 ways to, 7 things I learned from, 5 mistakes marketers make with)

4. Audiograms

  • Anything that doesn’t have a video (should be rare)
  • Can use Casted for this (see below)

5. Memes

a. Categories:

6. GIFs

a. Categories:

Editorial Calendar

How we think about the editorial calendar

  • Lots of puzzle pieces on to the table
  • Letting it come together instead of defining what the outcome will be from the start

Things to Promote

  • B2B Growth
  • Content Camp
  • B2B Podcasting Q&A

Evangelist POVs

  • James
    • Your podcast should not be about your expertise
    • QUANTITY matters just as much as QUALITY
    • Collective thought leadership
    • Think of your company as a media company
    • Our internal thought leadership program
    • Build a contributor network
    • You should have multiple hosts for your podcast
    • You should have multiple series within your podcast
    • Build systems to create evangelists within your company
    • Start taking LinkedIn seriously
    • Mastermind groups as a brand & customer understanding play
  • Bill
    • Levers and Leverage
    • Change happens in the margins
    • Why Yes is better than No
    • Creativity is highly overrated
    • The 10% Rule
    • Words mean things
    • I would if I could but I can’t
    • What I know for sure
    • Lessons from a Goldfish
    • The Accidental Boss
    • The Founder Delusion
    • The ONE Thing that can change EVERYTHING
    • The Pivot
    • Is the customer always right?
    • Bring your family issues (and lessons) to work with you
    • If we value people, we must embrace process
    • Ask for what you need
    • How to (and why you want to) hire average people...and what to do with them
    • Gut Checks
    • Making a successful exit
    • Planning for Enterprise Value
    • Cash is King...or is it?
    • Inspiration vs. information
    • When your customer wants what they don’t need
    • When push comes to shove
    • It’s good to be got
    • Good people make their way
    • The 80% Rule
    • Do this not that
    • Find a Mentor, now!
    • If you want to have one, be one
    • The power of Friendship
    • The best conversation ever!
  • Dan
    • Marketing Process is great than marketing campaigns
    • Building audience is better than generating leads
    • Stop chasing backlinks and write more and better content
    • Better products are better than fancy marketing
    • Clarity > Creativity 
    • Always have an obvious next step for your prospects and customers.
  • Logan
    • Ungated content
    • Sales should be involved in your marketing
    • More casual copywriting works better
    • People connect with people more than logos
    • You have to be agile with your content planning
  • Kelsie
    • Design elements & principles...knowing the rules so you can break them. 
    • Design gut check decks and why you need them
    • Talking aesthetic in kickoff calls (it’s never too early)
    • No, you don’t want to look like Apple (simple vs minimalist)
    • Design = solving a problem
      • You have to identify your problem before you can solve it 
      • Identifies a gauge to grade success of deliverables
    • Simplicity in Design
      • Stop diluting good messaging with wordiness
      • Stop making content / design for your customer all about you
    • Critique resilience
    • Valuable feedback + motivational interviewing
    • Managing creatives as a creative (retaining your craft)
    • The importance of your whole mktg team having basic design understanding (especially client facing roles)
    • Advocating for successful work—each teammate being a cheerleader for every single deliverable (even when you don’t like it)
      • What to include when you pass a deliverable off to a teammate—tools for them to advocate for deliverables
    • Cover art design — what makes it not suck
      • 3000x3000 pixels
      • Recognizable (not necessarily readable) at 50x50px
      • Legibility & contrast 
      • Should reflect your show (appeal to your customer), not be about your company 


  • 3 posts per person per week by June 15
  • Build a 2 week buffer


    • Analytics of LinkedIn content & reach
  • Veed.io
    • Making micro videos
  • Casted
    • Making audio snippets & audiograms

Time Commitment

  • 4 - 6 hours per week

Engagement Groups

  • Naming groups based on 90s nostalgia (Ex. Engagement Group - BOY MEETS WORLD)
  • Each evangelist should be a part of 10 different engagement groups (to post 3 times per day)
  • Emily/Ashley posting to Engagement Groups
  • Tag the Trello card with the names of the engagement groups that will be used for distribution for that specific post
  • Posting Early in the Day
    • 6 am - 9 am Eastern

Replying/Liking Comments

  • Emily replies to comments

People to Follow on LinkedIn

  • Dave Grow
  • Dave Gerhardt
  • Chris Walker
  • Justin Welsh
  • Kyle Coleman
  • Kyle Lacy
  • Blake Emal
  • Dale Dupree
  • Dennis Brown
  • Gaetano DiNardi
  • Belal Batrawy
  • Jake Dunlap
  • Morgan J Ingram
  • Scott Barker
  • Scott Douglas Clary
  • Sara McNamara
  • Mark Kilens
  • Matt Heinz
  • Amy Volas
  • Mark A. Smith
  • Josh Braun
  • Kevin “KD” Dorsey
  • Adam Goyette
  • Ethan Beute
  • Dylan Hey
  • Joel Klettke
  • Glen Carlson
  • Courtney Johnson
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