Showpad Crushes Prioritization and Pipeline Challenges With 6sense

Close rates are up 289% thanks to Showpad's new insights-driven approach 

HEADQUARTERS: Chicago, IL and Ghent, Belgium

SIZE: Enterprise

INDUSTRY: Software + Technology


Showpad enables teams with the content and training they need to drive meaningful conversations. Showpad is a global leader in revenue enablement technology, providing teams with a modern selling solution for maximizing hybrid sales. In more than 50 countries, customers rely on the Showpad platform to empower their teams to be at their best. Showpad has been named a Strong Performer by Forrester’s Wave for Sales Content Solutions, recognized as a top 10 software company by G2, and listed in Deloitte’s Fast 50 and Inc Magazine’s 2019 Best Workplaces.

“The beauty of 6sense is that it looks back at where you perform well and then surfaces other accounts who are doing the same behaviors that those other accounts were doing when they bought. We leverage 6sense to bubble up who we should be focused on.”

- Dustin Deno, SVP of Global Sales, Showpad 

The Challenge

Sales teams were spending too much of their valuable time finding and prioritizing the right accounts to work, instead of actively working those accounts. Showpad wanted to:

  • Increase visibility & prioritization of accounts so reps would know where to focus their efforts every day. 
  • Drive accountability so accounts would stop getting stuck along the way.
  • Increase pipeline with the help of account intelligence and prioritization.  

The Solution

6sense was able to help Showpad prioritize, drive accountability, and generate more pipeline by using intent data to surface accounts showing signals of readiness. Each rep now has a dashboard that shows 6QA accounts — in other words, the ICP accounts that are ready to engage right now.

According to Dustin Deno, SVP of Global Sales, “We’ve applied it to every area of our business, and we’re now expanding it into Europe and all geographies. We fundamentally believe in this approach and have made it the pillar of our outbound strategy.”

Gone is the frustration of not knowing where to focus sales efforts. Reps now start their days with crystal clear priorities laid out for them, all based on solid intent data and proven predictive models. And managers now have their own dashboard that rolls up their reps’ priorities into a quickly digestible format, so they too have an at-a-glance understanding of how high-priority accounts are being worked. 

Since internal marketing and enablement are such a big deal at Showpad, the team built Showie, a virtual personal assistant for sales. Showie appears in the Salesforce dashboard — as well as in Slack and email — to keep 6sense-driven insights front-and-center for sales reps, wherever they are.

By leveraging the insights 6sense surfaces on how accounts are engaging and what they’re researching, reps can now focus their outreach with hyper-relevant information. By leading with value-packed conversations, they’re able to talk to people about what they care about and provide value at every step of the way — and the results have been eye-popping.

Key Results

Deno notes, “Here’s how I see account prioritization: There are a million stones on the ground. As a seller, you’re turning them over one by one, looking for the best accounts. 6sense tells you, ‘Go look in that corner. That’s where the opportunities are.’ ” Clearly, the metrics support this approach:

  • Close rate increased 289%
  • 76% of qualified opportunities are 6QAs
  • Prevented churn by knowing when renewing customers are checking out competitors

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