No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.

A prospect has just come across a piece of your content that they are eager to consume but when they click on it you get the dreaded FORM FILL! And they know what comes after that - endless emails, spam ads, and even phone calls that they DIDN’T sign up for. So they pass on the content in order to avoid being bombarded by unwelcome communication. 

But without gating your content how do you hook that qualified lead? The reality is that B2B buying has evolved, but marketers continue to rely on outdated tactics for prospecting: forms, spam, and cold calls. In order to align with how today’s buyers want to buy, you have to guide them through their journey with relevant, ungated information that won’t put you on unsubscribe island.  

The challenge for sellers and marketers is creating a better, more personalized experience that buyers crave without that old bag of tricks. Because prospects don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant emails, unwanted calls, or give up their anonymity, you have to be engaged with them every step of the way with content driven by real insight that puts your audience first, giving them a better prospect experience. 

But it’s not just about ungating your content and eliminating cold calls and spam. For ABM to be successful, you must have the ability to personalize for timing, which requires real-time behavior scoring, predictive modeling, and cross-system, cross-channel orchestration. Basically you need to know who your in-market prospects are, who’s on the buying team, what they are researching/interested in, and where they are in their buying journey. And you have to know this before they raise their hand and tell you since studies have shown that buyers can complete close to 70% of the buying journey without ever engaging with a salesperson. 

Oh, and in order to achieve ABM at scale, you must have a consolidated platform that delivers both behavioral and predictive insight AND cross-channel orchestration. Trust me, this takes all of the above and makes ABM manageable without adding headcount or hours to your day. 

While it may feel uncomfortable to let go of those old, outdated marketing tactics, it’s time to step out of the past and into the new age of buying. Otherwise, your brand will be left in the dust. So market smarter - your customers will thank you and your revenue team will thank you! 

To get the full view of ABM and why it is just good marketing, download our FREE ebook. That’s right - no form fill, just great information to help evolve your marketing strategy. 

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