Getting Sales & Marketing to the Right Account at the Right Time

The VP of Marketing for a leading SaaS company was interested to learn what was missing from her ABM strategy. As a leading business-to-business technology company, it’s critical that sales and business development teams have a holistic view of each target account to deliver the right solutions to the right buyers. After a demo of the 6sense Account Based Orchestration Platform, the VP of Marketing realized that data from other ABM tools wasn’t comprehensive enough to be effective and the interfaces were not sufficiently user-friendly.

“At first, I was apprehensive of the time and effort it would take to learn a new tool,” said the VP, “but it was rather the opposite… Once the platform was up and running, the difference I saw in the way our teams interacted with accounts was significant and is already paying off with over $800k in new business opportunities sourced directly by 6sense in the last two quarters.”

Edging out the Competition

In a highly competitive and fast-moving market, getting into deals quicker and shaping the conversation with potential buyers is extremely important.

With the comprehensive data and keywords from 6sense, SDR groups, Sales, Account Managers, and Marketing can focus their attention on the accounts showing interest in the company’s solutions. This improved efficiency allows Marketing to then run competitive campaigns with targeted content and messaging that’s relevant to each account.

Not only is Marketing running effective campaigns, but Sales can now see which accounts are at risk and which competitors they are up against. Being able to see if their customers are looking at competitors and being able to proactively address any issues in the accounts gives them a huge leg up. And seeing which competitors they are up against allows the company to hedge against those competitors’ campaigns. For example, when the competition showcased large scale events with flashy names to get buyers engaged, the team ran a targeted campaign with strategic messaging, “They spend money on high-profile speakers, we spend money on our customers.” Additionally, the ability to integrate Predictive Analytics with Salesforce helps the teams keep track of the data gathered for each account.

Some cool examples of how 6sense is helping the organization with ABM include:

  • Using 6sense analytics, a sales executive identified a high level of interest in one of its account’s key stakeholders in the buying committee. What would have been a cold call shifted to productive conversations, moving the deal along faster.
  • 6sense reaches far and wide. Although the company has over 20 years of experience in countries around the world, the team was pleasantly surprised to find that 6sense connected them to 98 companies they hadn’t touched before in a single country. Huge opportunities for the local sales team!

Looking Forward

The Marketing VP is enthusiastic about the opportunities that 6sense offers. “I would like to see every sales person on 6sense, have them run more consistent, targeted ad campaigns, and see our pipeline increase with less effort. We are just scratching the surface in terms of what we can do.”

Here at 6sense, we see our customers as partners and we are always looking to make our platform better with their invaluable feedback and insights!

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