Ensure The Success Of A Personalized Marketing Strategy With These 11 Expert Tips, as seen on Forbes

Personalized marketing is a crucial way of connecting with customers on a fundamental level. As more businesses start to realize the value of establishing a personal connection to potential clients, the importance of marketing that focuses on the individual is growing.

One of the most effective ways of learning what the elements of a successful personalized marketing campaign are comes from exploring those that have succeeded before. Learning from the campaigns that achieved their goals allows a business to pattern their own efforts after those successes. To this end, 11 professionals from Forbes Communications Council share their success stories in the realm of personalized marketing and examine the things that made those campaigns successful.

1. Aim For Omnichannel Personalization

Today, consumers are using multiple channels to research, shop and purchase products: they read online product reviews, go to social networks to ask friends' recommendations, visit YouTube to see how the product works. A sound personalized marketing strategy needs to be omnichannel, so individual consumers can see the same, relevant brand message or offer on any channel at the right moment. - Anna Luo, Jivox

2. Know What Your Target Audience Loves

Out of all of the personalized marketing tactics targeted at me, the most profound was one from someone who had scoured social media to find my favorite TV show. They sent a copy of an autographed script from the pilot and personalized show memorabilia. Sure that required a bit of legwork, but the script still sits in my office. Find out what your prospective customer loves and market around it. - Ryan Vet, boon, Inc.

3. Communicate What’s Relevant To Customers

Customers expect personalization. A cookie-cutter approach no longer works. When I managed e-commerce at a telecommunication company, website data showed that visitors dropped off when they didn't get relevant content upon site visit. iPhone customers don't want to see Android accessories, for example. Leverage customer insights and use data to inform your communication, content and related strategies. - Stacy Sherman, Schindler Elevator Corporation

4. Focus On Building Heroes

Nothing is more personal than recognizing great work in a public fashion, having a brand promote that great work, the person being highlighted naturally wants to share, and then it’s more personal -- down to a referral level. Build an opportunity for those that don’t get the limelight very often as heroes. It’s very personal, gives them more confidence to back the brand and benefits them. - James Gilbert, CloudCherry

5. Practice Good Data Hygiene

The key to a successful personalization campaign is making sure you are saying the right thing to the right person. We've all received those emails for an irrelevant product, something addressed to the previous homeowner, or worse yet, something addressed to someone who has passed away. Practicing ongoing, multifaceted data hygiene ensures those messages aren't wasted. - Jennifer Moore, Silvercrest

6. Focus On More Video Integration

Many companies offer the ability to create custom video messages to your customers and send them via email or text. This approach allows our team to send personalized videos to our customers moments after they leave, and to follow up in the months to come. This makes the recipient feel good and engages far more than a traditional email. - Daniel Plumlee, Walnut Ridge Rv

7. Leverage AI-Powered ABM

Account-based marketing (ABM) is about uncovering target accounts, prioritizing those accounts based on their buying propensity, then engaging the right personas through personalized, multichannel messages, but the secret sauce to successfully scaling ABM is real-time personalization. Use AI to uncover unknown buyer insights and dynamically adjust your creative and content to always be in sync with your target accounts. - Latane Conant, 6sense

8. Offer A Holistic Experience

One of our clients, a major makeup chain, nailed personalization. In the emails they sent, they recommended creams and makeup based on personal skin profiles, sent offers for in-store workshops and matched recommendations to the real-time weather in the location in which the email was opened. Their approach provided personalization in every touch point for an overall holistic customer experience. - Pini Yakuel, Optimove

9. Create Personalized Content Delivery Sites

Content delivery sites are giving marketers the ability to create custom landing pages for a specific person -- using the person’s name in the URL. Gone are the days of bookmarking individual posts, now marketers can create one page with all the content your prospect needs. Like Netflix does for its users, these platforms enable marketers to create “bingeable content” that drives engagement. - Leela Gill, Intelligence Node

10. Create Landing Page Quizzes

Smart e-commerce brands like Glasses Direct and Ipsy personalize their offerings by asking consumers what products they'd like to see through a landing page quiz. Instead of quietly collecting consumer data for a campaign, this quiz method allows a customer to choose what information they disclose and gives them a sense of agency in curating a selection of products tailored to their needs. - Jeff Grover, Best Company

11. Combine Audience Understanding With Context

Combine audience understanding with context when attempting personalized messaging to new prospects in channels such as search, social or programmatic. A consumer-lending client aced this by utilizing data signals like employer and HHI with need states like life events, including medical diagnoses and big ticket purchases. The result: customized offers that converted but didn't seem off-putting. - Todd Silverstein, DRUM Agency

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