Ingeniux Leads with Value and Ramps Sales Engagement with 6sense

Ingeniux is the agile experience platform for digital content management. The Ingeniux platform empowers brands to manage and deliver content to websites, portals, apps, and technical publishing. 

Ingeniux is a specialized provider, offering a high-end solution to leading organizations with an exceptional level of service and support. While the Ingeniux roster of customers and success stories is impressive, the company historically has not been a top-of-mind name when brands look for a new content management system (CMS). 

The biggest challenge for Ingeniux is that the CMS market is very saturated; most brands already have an established content management system, so the Ingeniux sales and marketing teams were challenged to find “needles in the haystack” — brands looking to entirely re-platform their content infrastructure. 

In-market is the new inbound

Ingeniux chose 6sense because it could help identify in-market accounts using intent data with accuracy, precision, and speed, while also providing an account-based advertising platform to surround target customers with brand messaging and promotions to help establish awareness and credibility. 

Previously, the revenue org was very proficient at generating hundreds of MQLs through demand gen campaigns, but when reviewing the leads, there was a disconnect. The form-fillers that made up the bulk of the MQLs were not actually in-market for Ingeniux’s solutions; the accounts they wanted to talk to were conducting anonymous research in the “Dark Funnel™”, where they could only be uncovered by a solution like 6sense. So as part of onboarding 6sense, Ingeniux shifted its marketing strategy and philosophy. 

With the insights 6sense provides, Ingeniux had the confidence to shift from a marketing qualified lead model to a marketing qualified account model. All marketing resources on the website — about 60 eBooks, product literature, white papers, and other assets — were ungated, removing the forms required to view and download. Demand generation campaigns were re-optimized, shifting from lead generation goals to account engagement goals and conversions, such as viewing pricing, meeting requests, and content resource views. 

The Ingeniux strategy is still demand-driven, but programs are now focused on account engagement rather than lead generation. From a demand generation cost perspective, it’s much less expensive to engage an account than generate a lead. A single marketing qualified lead costs over $100, whereas marketing qualified accounts — using 6sense’s native engagement capabilities, lookalike audience targeting capabilities, and integrations to Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn — can be engaged for only a few dollars per account. The sales and marketing teams can then use the insights in 6sense to find the most engaged accounts that best fit the ideal customer profile (ICP) for Ingeniux. 

Marketing and sales working together to lead with value

Another result in the shift to an account engagement approach is that much of the responsibility shifted from traditional marketing to sales development. While marketing supports the account warming and qualification process via campaigns and other programs, sales development — which started reporting in through marketing to help with the alignment — assumed the responsibility of finding the right contacts for in-market customer accounts and setting the appointments to create the sales opportunity pipeline. 

The Ingeniux sales development team is headed by Kris Laird, a sales development veteran. He joined Ingeniux from Outreach, a company that pioneered modern sales development. Kris built a new sales development team staffed with other sales pros who had also worked at Outreach. One of the main recruiting tools to hire top-tier sales development reps was showing them how the 6sense implementation, dashboards, and Outreach integration could make their lives easier. The new program basically eliminated cold prospecting — the bane of any SDR. 

“Knowing which accounts to prioritize and invest more resources on is an ongoing challenge for SDR teams. With the buyer intent and predictive modeling insights from 6sense, the guessing game becomes a strategic game plan for our reps,” says Kris Laird, Director of Sales Development.

He goes on to explain that the integrations to Salesforce and Outreach — as well as some light custom field development — has the Ingeniux reps leverage keyword traffic, ad campaign insights, website traffic, and buying stages and intent scores all within the Outreach platform for every account. 

“Having that level of information at your fingertips allows my SDRs to create custom account lists, leverage buyer intent for deeper personalization, and prioritize their activities to drive results in the accounts that are looking for solutions in our market,” explains Kris.

With the new buyer intent data-driven program, the team saw immediate results. Open rates for the email sequences rose to over 60%, twice the rate of programs the team had run in other organizations. Moreover, because the team is no longer canvassing the market to find in-market accounts — and now has 6sense’s AI do the work for them — the messaging has shifted from a high-level qualification to what the team calls a “lead with value” approach, which is made possible by the deep insights 6sense provides about what accounts and buyers care most about. The new program heavily incorporates thought leadership messaging to create top-of-funnel engagement. 

Prioritizing actions and engaging the right accounts leads to great benefits

6sense has given the Ingeniux team the ability to easily tier and prioritize accounts by intent score and activity. Accounts showing strong intent scores are prioritized for personalized outreach. Accounts that are in the “consideration” buying phase (as predicted by 6sense’s AI) are scheduled for a more automated — while still personalized — approach. Account tiering has allowed the Ingeniux team to more than double the number of accounts in the sales development program without adding additional headcount or resources. 

Ingeniux has also leveraged a high level of automation between its core marketing tools with, Outreach, and Hubspot to support the new scale and processes, including automatic account creation, triggers, and tasks — and move to a purely account-based data model for all of sales and marketing. 6sense allows the Ingeniux team to prioritize their actions and engage the right accounts. Being able to orchestrate their actions has created an efficient, seamless workflow for the revenue org to operate at scale, and the Ingeniux team is executing a full account engagement approach.

The size of the accounts added to the pipeline has also dramatically increased. The average annual revenue of accounts with new pipeline opportunities generated with their 6sense-powered program is over $1B. While Ingeniux serves customers of all sizes, the larger Fortune 1,000 accounts present greater expansion opportunities, and those customers have the resources to make new technology investments, regardless of the current economic condition. 

An additional (and unexpected) benefit of 6sense for the Ingeniux team has been improved reporting. 6sense has become a primary campaign reporting tool for the Ingeniux marketing team, showing which marketing channels are producing the most engaged accounts and helping to prioritize marketing campaign spend.  

Ingeniux sees the content management marketplace like an ocean. It’s a huge market, but the market is well served. Ingeniux is looking for the islands of opportunity within the deep blue sea. With 6sense, intent data, and AI, Ingeniux now has a map to find those islands of opportunity and chart its own course for growth and customer success.

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Minal Awasthi is the Customer Marketing Manager at 6sense. Regularly working with 6sense customers, Minal is responsible for documenting and sharing the success of all of our 6senseis.

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