Hoonuit Makes a Meaningful Impact on the Community with 6sense

Hoonuit is a leading provider of education analytics solutions. With a vision to empower educators and communities with actionable insights to improve student outcomes, the Hoonuit team is on a mission to transform teaching and learning. And in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in the beginning of 2020, they were still focused on offering solutions to support education agencies, students and families in need during COVID-19 school closures.

The Hoonuit team developed an online meal finder website, SchoolMealFinder.com, to help students who rely on schools for meal benefits to find their nearest distribution program, available to any education agency in the U.S. With families that continue to rely on school food programs to feed their children, Hoonuit made it a point to create a seamless, simple platform to organize and share important resources for children, parents, and guardians in need.

Time to amplify the message

Hoonuit had already been a 6sense customer, but the team found an opportunity to further amplify their message by leveraging the 6sense Account Engagement Platform. 6sense partnered with Hoonuit to continue promotion of this critical community effort with the goal of increasing engagement with the SchoolMealFinder.com site and amplifying awareness to the right audience — delivering the right message at the right time, to the right people, at scale.

The Hoonuit team built segments within 6sense, and had set the stage to be able to target a highly-refined audience and specific key titles with relevant content around their initiative. 6sense helped in designing creative and compelling content, building upon existing digital efforts and hyper-focusing their message around the different audiences they were targeting. Lastly, the 6sense platform offered a seamless experience for Hoonuit to easily measure effectiveness of their ad campaigns. 

Take a look at some examples of the creatives here, with varying messaging based on the audience. Each had a separate segment in 6sense, and were delivered targeted content based on the messaging relevant to them:


Through this joint effort and laser-focused targeting, 6sense helped Hoonuit double the weekly traffic on the SchoolMealFinder.com site and engage almost 800 accounts. 

Andrea Gronberg, VP of Marketing, said it best: “Working together with 6sense to raise awareness of this critical service during a very challenging time was fantastic. Not only did the number of agencies willing to promote their meal locations increase, but we also know more students and families learned about the School Meal Finder. At the end of the day, it’s all about supporting education agencies, families and students during COVID-19 school closures.”

6sense and Hoonuit together raised awareness of a critical service during a very challenging time, and positively impacted a community in need. Now with an increased level of partnership as a result of the School Meal Finder Promotion, 6sense continues to support Hoonuit with ongoing initiatives tied to supporting education agencies, students, and families.

You can find more information on Hoonuit’s initiatives around helping schools feed children during closures on the Hoonuit website.

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