Duo Security Sets BDRs up for Success with 6sense

The role of a Business Development Rep can be a daunting one. Knowing where to prioritize when you have over 1,000 accounts and knowing what content to reach out to them and engage them with can be an impossible task. But if you have the right intent data that can show you where the account is in their buying journey, what keywords they are searching, and what personas are engaging, well, that is a game changer.

Laura Kar, Business Development Manager for Enterprise and Mid-market Accounts and Kat Mills, Account Manager at Duo Security, a Cisco business unit that provides two-factor authentication and trusted access to applications, walked us through what led them to 6sense and how they are using it to energize and create success for the BDR team.

Previous to adopting 6sense, Laura and her team were using LinkedIn and Discover.org to research account leads and contacts. And they were using that information to incorporate what they thought was important to that contact in their messaging. While LinkedIn is a great tool to see what a contact's experience is and what they are responsible for in their role, and Discover.org could give them a direct number, org chart, and what type of security tools they have in place, they didn’t know how up to date all of that information was and it didn’t give them any insights into where they were in their buying journey, if they were even on one. So they were reaching blindly out to accounts, throwing darts at a dartboard to see what stuck.

“Knowing where to prioritize your time as a rep is as good as gold. It is a piece of the puzzle that is so critical in saving time by going after a territory strategically.”

It has only been 5 weeks since Duo rolled out 6sense to their Enterprise team and they are already seeing the value. Kat is one of the Account Reps that has been using it the most. “I have seen every tool out there and I am so pleased with the information that 6sense provides. It is the first thing I go to when starting my day. I can see the activity that happened today, yesterday, last week, or a month ago. I can see where that account is in their engagement and from there I can see their buying stage and what keywords they are searching so I can revise my messaging to be hyper-relevant and important to them,” Kat explained.

And 6sense’s Persona Map has opened up a whole new world of people for her to engage with. Because she can see that this person engaged with this information on this date, she can message them with the right information at the right time for where they are in their buying journey. Kat says that she has gotten a whole new batch of people showing high fit scores to engage with that she previously didn’t know she should be engaging with, learning that the people in the yellow stage, not just the green stage, are actually engaging a ton. Discovering new people every day that she didn’t realize were relevant contacts, and discovering new contacts at an account showing renewed engagement is opening up more opportunities for her and the team.

With 6sense’s super clean interface and easy to decipher information, where you can see right off the bat where accounts are on the graph, what messaging to use depending on where they are in the buying stage, and then doing a quick persona map to see who to reach out to has changed the way Kat outbounds and makes it easy to prioritize her accounts. “Being able to engage and develop that first part of the relationship with content that is relevant to where their mindset is, I am building trust, putting me way ahead of the game.”

For Laura, 6sense is critical when onboarding new hires. The intent data from 6sense gives her BDRs a place to start, whereas before all Laura could really provide them with was which verticals they historically do really well in. Now she can say these are the accounts you should start with because they are engaged in some fashion. Her BDRs can use this list and start from the highest engaged accounts and work all the way down to prioritize their territory. Having this information and knowing where to focus really sets the new hires up for success. The data from 6sense also creates confidence that they are sending accounts the appropriate messaging.

“With 6sense we can break accounts down into categories – here is a list of accounts in buying mode, then we break that list down further – what are they looking at, and then break that down by persona – who’s looking at it. This gives us a really targeted list of people to outbound with and a much better chance of connecting with them based on that information,” said Laura.

Laura can also better coach her team with how to message target accounts using 6sense insights. She finds that keywords are incredibly beneficial when trying to create a message that is going to resonate on the other end. For example, when looking at an account, if she sees Microsoft keywords all over the place, instead of positioning themselves with competitive messaging, she can guide her BDR to target that account with messaging that helps the account understand that Duo has a partnership with Microsoft and how that partnership can help their business.

Duo BDRs, in turn, share this information with their AEs, getting them more excited about the discovery call with each account. In the past, if there wasn’t enough qualified information on the account, AE’s can have a preconceived concept on how the call is going to go, assuming it is a basic cold call. Knowing that the account is engaged and in consideration mode and actively evaluating vendors changes the mentality of the AE going into that call and puts them on the right talk track. Kat has also conducted demos with the AEs so that they understand where she is getting her information, making them more confident in the intelligence and insights.

What Were We Even Doing Before 6sense?

As Laura puts it, “there was so much guessing and hoping we were moving in the right direction but 6sense takes the guesswork out of it. Now we can see what an account cares about and who’s doing the research. The whole game plan has changed.” As the team schedules meetings, Laura audits them to see how the meeting was set and what stage it is in to show the team that the 6sense data is “pretty darn accurate.” Most meetings are outside of the target stage and this is a testament to the 6sense tool and the legitimacy that they are seeing by using it. This helps with team buy-in. Laura plans to continue to work with the reps on the new tool, making sure that they can tell her where their focus and priorities are by using 6sense. “If they aren’t using it they are shooting themselves in the foot. There is a push to adopt 6sense because this is what is going to make the reps work strategically, especially in the enterprise space where companies are so large and buying teams are hard to influence.”

Laura is such a champion for 6sense that she even wears her 6sense t-shirt to remind her team to look at the platform and use it! We love seeing our customers succeed with our platform and we are so excited to see where Duo will take their marketing strategy now that the team is gaining momentum and seeing positive results.


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