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December 16, 2020 Nicole Klemp

We’re all hopeful that 2021 brings new beginnings… and most importantly, health and prosperity personally and professionally. It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging (or at least very different) year for friends, families, businesses, and communities. (Our pets, on the other hand, have had a banner year!) But while challenges abound, many incredible opportunities have presented themselves too. 

For marketers and sellers alike, content has been more important than ever this year, and boy has our content team been busy! So with that, we decided to round up the top 10 pieces of 6sense content you all found most compelling in 2020 — organic content (you found it, you clicked it!) in no particular order. In case you missed any of these blog posts, videos, or longer resources over the course of the year, now’s your chance to catch up before the new year. Grab your eggnog and dig in!


1. The State of Predictable Revenue Growth: 2020 Research Report

“Every company strives to not only grow revenue but to grow it predictably. Yet creating a predictable revenue growth engine is no small task, nor is it one that can be done overnight. The ways and means to achieve it remain a difficult task,” said Latane Conant, our CMO.

That could be why our predictable revenue growth report was our most popular piece of content this year! And what’s not to love? In this report — written in collaboration with our friends at Heinz Marketing — we uncovered the key challenges today’s organizations face in engaging customers and predictably growing revenue, as well as insights into how sales and marketing leaders can work to overcome these obstacles.

2. Intent, Identification, and the Shift to Working from Home, Q&A with Viral Bajaria, CTO of 6sense

The move to working from home has been an adjustment for many people, including our customers. A few asked whether the change has had an impact on 6sense’s ability to capture intent data and identify accounts — an ability that’s become more critical than ever over the last year. With so many more people working from home, you need to have the best match rates possible.

We wrangled the answers to the pressing questions around account identification and explained how we’ve managed to provide best-in-class match rates over the course of a pandemic, with Viral Bajaria, our Chief Technology Officer, in the hot seat.

3. PTC: Building the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

A customer success story this great had to be one of our top hits! For background, PTC is a global software company that transforms how companies create, operate, and service products.  They were looking for a solution that combined account-intent programs with AI platforms to deliver an industry-leading, customer-centric digital experience that provides value-led content at each interaction — ultimately resulting in pipeline growth. 

Read on and learn how the combination of 6sense, Drift, and changed the way the PTC team looks at net-new business and their existing pipeline. The power of the data — combined with the whole revenue team working from a single source of truth — has driven tremendous business results for PTC. As Mariana Cogan, SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations at PTC put it, they’re now “printing pipeline.”

4. 6 for 6: How Our BDRs Use 6sense to Personalize Outreach and Cadences

Unsurprisingly, 6 for 6 was our most popular series this year. We get it: it’s fascinating (and useful!) to see how our team uses 6sense. Plus, there are extensive, actionable insights in every video from our awesome revenue team members.

In this 6 for 6 video, Stella Woo, one of our rockstar business development reps, breaks down how she uses 6sense to make her prospecting more intelligent and to drive more pipeline.

5. BDRs are a BFD

If you watched the video above, you already know BDRs are indeed a Big Friggin Deal for the revenue team. B2B buying has changed, but many B2B selling strategies are stuck in the past. BDRs are a vital part of an organization’s bottom line, but according to TOPO, only 48% of them are consistently hitting their quota. In general, BDRs are driven, hardworking, competitive people… so what gives?

This ebook on the subject was especially popular this year. See what 6sense CMO Latané Conant and Ernest Owusu, Sr. Director of Business Development, have to say about moving prospecting into the future and empowering BDRs by ditching the cold call mentality and taking back the buying experience.

6. 6sense + LinkedIn Ads: Better Targeting, Bigger Engagement

For B2B sellers and marketers, LinkedIn is where much of the magic happens when it comes to engaging colleagues, customers, and potential buyers. A social platform with 630 million users — including 63 million decision-makers and 10 million C-level executives — that’s so highly used by Fortune 500 companies is an important one to get right in terms of targeted advertising.

But while most account-based marketers understand LinkedIn’s value, many struggle with which accounts to target and when. Fortunately, our team has made it possible to optimize multi-channel advertising efforts by prioritizing the highest-value target accounts… and we’re telling you how it’s done.

7. MakingSense of Predictive Analytics

Our MakingSense series is also hugely popular because, you know, we make sense of the things that matter most to revenue teams (and that are sometimes a little confusing). This particular episode was a hit in 2020 because predictive analytics isn’t just a hot topic — it’s a proven way to predict and prepare for the future by learning from the past.

Watch as Justin Gutwein, Content Experience Manager at 6sense, breaks down predictive analytics along with its three data sources (i.e., intent data, historical data, and firmographic/technographic data (ICP)). Cut out the guesswork and learn to prioritize marketing and sales efforts on accounts that are a strong ICP fit and have strong intent to buy.

8. How to Use 6sense with Google Ads

Google receives over 5.6 billion searches every day and over 59% of shoppers use Google to research a product or service before purchasing. Of course, our customers want to know how to best leverage that massive audience to promote their products and services — when and where people are searching for them. That’s where Google Ads and 6sense come in.

By properly integrating 6sense with Google Ads, you can implement an account-based marketing strategy that will significantly improve performance and give you a competitive edge. Jim Vaillancourt, owner of digital marketing agency Lionhurst, gives you a crash course in this highly actionable blog.

9. 6 for 6: How Our AEs Use 6sense to Prioritize Outreach on Target Accounts

Not all accounts are created equal. That’s why identifying and engaging target in-market accounts is so important. Another super popular video in our 6 for 6 series, this one follows Enterprise Account Executive and 6sense superstar Dasha Vasilyeva, as she shares how she uses 6sense to prioritize, personalize, and measure her outreach efforts.

10. How CoreView Transformed Their Digital Strategy with 6sense

2020 has been a year of adjusting, juggling, and recalibrating for everyone. Some companies — such as our fantastic customer CoreView, a SaaS management platform — are adopting new, innovative strategies to embrace the shift to a virtual world. CoreView does important work helping organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and improve productivity across the SaaS applications they use. With an ICP that includes enterprise organizations with more than 10,000 employees, there’s a lot to manage.

Find out how with the help of 6sense, CoreView was able to successfully pivot their digital campaigns to reflect a more relevant message, and also bring a new offer to market during a tumultuous time in the world.

Bonus: New and notable content

I’d be remiss not to mention No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls. Y’all can’t get enough of this book! If you’re not familiar, this is a must-read for B2B revenue teams, written by our CMO, Latané Conant. You can read chapter 1 here for free. (And if you do decide to buy a copy, all proceeds are donated to charity as part of our GoodSense initiative!)

Here are a few other pieces that were a little too new to make our list, but that will surely be rising in the ranks of top content in the weeks and months to come:

Cheers to more content breakthroughs with fewer forms, less spam, and warmer calls in 2021!

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