MakingSense of ABM

ABM (or ABX) is no longer a trend or buzzword, it's the future of B2B marketing. It means instead of relying on arbitrary leads, marketers and sellers concentrate resources on a clearly defined set of accounts and create personalized campaigns designed to resonate with every member of the buying team.

Let's make sense of this popular acronym.

1. Select the Best Accounts

Based on real buyer intent and activity data that buyers are leaving behind as a digital footprint on the web. The AI scores that activity against not only the current ICP, but continually learns what behaviors are leading to new opportunities.

The platform delivers insights into the account’s buying stage, who is on the buying team, and what they care about.

2. Know About Them

The platform captures prospect buying signals from the CRM and marketing automation systems, and digital footprint from across the B2B web, including search data, and research activity across trade publications, blogs, forums, etc.

3. Engage the Right Way

The platform is designed to orchestrate these insights using AI to ensure the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time on the right channel.

4. Collaborate with Sales

The platform alerts sales to meaningful account activity, what marketing did to drive that activity, and how personas are engaging.

As account status changes, personas engage and opportunities bubble up, sales is automatically notified and provided all of the details of what the revenue team has done collectively to progress the account in their buying journey.

An ABM platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM, marketing automation platform, and web personalization tools to ensure you have a single source of truth across the entire revenue team.

5. Track Real Stuff

Including budget, ROI accounts reached, personas engaged, and pipeline created/influenced.

Tracking and reporting on a common set of metrics for sales and marketing eliminate the traditional finger-pointing and gets folks acting like one united revenue team. With an AI-based platform we can track new accounts that are “in-market,” and meaningful metrics like engagement levels to understand which tactics are actually working to reach our targeted accounts.

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