Sage Intacct is Swinging for the Fences and Winning with ABM

April 1, 2019 6sense

Here at 6sense, no matter what their product offering, we’re always working closely with customers to help fit an ABM strategy into their organization’s broader strategy. As a leading financial software provider, Sage Intacct wanted to implement an account-based marketing strategy to discover who was looking for accounting software, find additional opportunities, and learn which customers were considering their competitors.

We sat down with Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation and Ari Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing and Analytics to learn how 6sense accelerated Sage’s ABM strategy.

Moving Marketing Forward

Like many modern marketers, Nick quickly found that traditional email marketing campaigns just weren’t cutting it with today’s B2B buyers. The industry’s reliance and addiction to email marketing make it nearly impossible to cut through inbox clutter and sway key decision makers. To be truly successful with B2B marketing, organizations need smarter, better-orchestrated methods for reaching fickle buyers.

ABM is Sage’s solution to turn down the marketing noise and get through to their desired accounts. Nick and his team sought tools that could ramp up data-driven personalization by using data to create more meaningful engagement with target accounts. “A lot has changed with marketing,” Nick explained.  “We used to be the department of arts and crafts, now we’re the department of data and metrics.”

Tech Stack Trifecta

To polish their ABM strategy, Sage Intacct looked to consolidate three key features of their MarTech stack into one solution provider. Implementing multiple solution providers can lead to stack syndrome in which many marketers end up spending more time managing their technology platforms instead of actually focusing on their marketing efforts. With 6sense, Nick and the Sage team brought together their fit modeling, intent detection, and display advertising capabilities under one roof.

“Through 6sense, we were able to consolidate all of those [features] into one platform that interoperates with the different pieces, so we have a fuller picture of what happens,” said Nick.

The 6sense platform has provided Nick and his team with unprecedented visibility into their pipeline, generating more opportunities and closing deals faster than ever before. Even better, Nick and Ari have their own personal dashboards tailored to their own priorities and needs.

“My Personal dashboard is basically a finger on the pulse of our digital ecosystem, whether it’s the website, or my paid traffic, or my PPL,” said Ari.

Nick’s dashboard, on the other hand, features campaign responses, pipeline, opportunity gen, opportunities by week, and more. Basically, if there’s an opportunity for the Sage team, it earns a place on Nick’s dashboard.

Do Anything

Sage Intacct uses 6sense signals for generating lists of target accounts. Nick believed having strong, data-backed target lists was the key first step in Sage’s ABM journey. They organize targets based on best fit, similarity to current customers, high intention, and buying signals. By segmenting lists through the 6sense platform, Sage has realized a 13x lift on engagement when targeting groups in the purchase and decision phases.

But the 6sense use case doesn’t stop at sales and marketing. Sage is also using 6sense on the customer success side to identify when customers are researching competitors in an effort to mitigate competitive threats and prevent churn.

Learn more about how other 6sense customers are using our account-based orchestration platform to generate more opportunities and close better business faster.

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