Transitioning from Leads-Based to Account-Based Marketing with Patrice Greene, CEO of Inverta

In this episode of TalkingSense, Patrice Green, CEO at Inverta, tells us what it takes to get to an account-based mindset and execute a successful ABM strategy. Inverta sits between high-level consulting firms and implementation partners. They consult in an actionable way - where they help marketers roll up their sleeves and map their transformation to ABM within the technologies they are using. So when looking at taking a leads-based marketing strategy and transitioning to account-based marketing, Inverta knows where to start and what you need to have in place to be successful.

In this TalkingSense episode, featuring Patrice, you will learn about:

  • What tools you need for ABM
  • The importance of digital listening with intent data
  • Minimum tech stack to execute ABM at scale
  • Short, Mid, and Longterm metrics you should be looking at

Patrice sums it up perfectly when she says, “I believe that the data and insights piece is priority number 1. And if you don’t have the right tech and data in place, your going to be ineffective at scaling ABM.” Take a listen to make sure you are heading into account-based marketing the right way!

Also available as a podcast!

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