ABM Deep Dive with Matt Senatore - SiriusDecisions

Matt Senatore, Lead Analyst for SiruisDecisions, sits down to talk some sense with us on all things ABM. “ABM is nothing new. What allows us to go from talking to one person to multiple people, to hundreds and even thousands of people is the notion of scalability.” Listen in as Matt takes a deep dive into ABM, what it takes (ahem - AI, data, technology, orchestration), what roles you have to have in place, and how to succeed with ABM.

In this TalkingSense Episode, featuring Matt, you will learn about:

  • Metrics in an ABM world
  • Getting your intent data right
  • The 5 big bets that ABM leaders need to make
  • The 3 biggest drivers for ABM
  • The future of ABM

This is a jam-packed episode with a lot of expert insights and tips that you need to have in your back pocket when tackling ABM. So settle in and take a listen as Matt breaks it all down for us in this episode of TalkingSense.

Also available as a podcast! 


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