What You Need to Know about Today’s ABM for a Successful TOPO Summit

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TOPO Summit is bringing together thousands of practitioners from the top growing companies in the world and you are going to have the chance to learn, network, and socialize with the best of the best. But are you prepared to discuss what is trending in B2B and ABM? Do you know what your business needs to adopt an account based strategy? Check out what TOPO has to say before you head to the big event!

TOPO recently released their 2019 Account Based Benchmark Report where more than 150 practitioners at leading account based organizations were surveyed. The strategies and metrics that support these organizations were compiled and the key takeaways are as follows:

  • Account based strategies deliver business outcomes, not vanity metrics. Respondents indicate that account based improves customer lifetime value (80%), improves win rates (86%), and delivers higher ROI (76%) than a traditional go-to-market approach.
  • For every five accounts targeted, account based organizations create a new sales opportunity. Compared to a traditional volume-based approach, an account based strategy is extremely efficient at creating sales pipeline.
  • Technology investments will increase to support scaling account based efforts. As organizations move from pilots to repeatable, scalable programs, technology investments in account-based platforms, data sources, and account insights are required to achieve expanding expectations.
  • An account based strategy requires dedicated leadership from program inception. More than two-thirds (69%) of top-performing account based organizations now have a dedicated account based leader.
  • Organizations with a strong Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)  achieve 68% higher account win rates. The ICP is a critical element of an account based strategy that separates top-performing account based organizations from their peers.
  • Account based is more than just marketing. Successful account based strategy requires a coordinated effort across all customer-facing functions including marketing, sales development, and sales.

Download the free report here for a deep dive into why an account based approach is superior and how leading companies are scaling with the right strategy, metrics, process, and tactics. Want to go even further and learn how to compete and win in the age of account based buying? Come armed with our free ebook, where we break down what is happening in today’s world of B2B and how you can create a winning account based strategy!

And don’t miss your opportunity to hear it straight from the leaders in the B2B and ABM space.  Make sure you catch speakers, and 6sense customers, Ari Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing & Analytics at Sage Intacct and Stacey Wu, SVP of Global Marketing at Fortinet as they walk you through their sales and marketing best practices, what’s working, and how they are winning big.

Connecting with the right vendor will ensure that your organization is set up for success. Visit us at our booth and get a demo from one of our experts on how 6sense can help you integrate a successful ABM strategy, accelerate pipeline, and achieve scalable growth and revenue outcomes.


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