Smarter ABM: SocialChorus Steps out of the Dark Funnel with 6sense

At 6sense, we love talking to our customers about their ABM journey, their trials and tribulations, and what led them to the 6sense account-based orchestration platform. Most recently we sat down with SocialChorus, a leading workforce communications platform transforming how workers and organizations connect every day, to take us through the challenges they were facing, where their ABM efforts were falling short, and how 6sense stepped in to take their ABM to the next level with marketing-sourced closed-won growing 4X from the previous year.

Lack of Insight into Accounts  

Jessica Brook, Senior Manager of Demand Generation, identified SocialChorus’s main challenge and roadblock with previous ABM efforts as good data coming in from disparate sources. There wasn’t a clear, actionable way to tie data points together to tell a story about the target account and how to win it.

The SocialChorus team was also missing insight to identify the most influential members on the buying committee and how the deal was actually progressing internally. Jessica explains, “We didn’t have all of the data we needed to truly personalize the experience and outreach for our target accounts. We didn’t have good enough data to focus on higher spend, less ‘direct’ channels like advertising.”

Uncovering Anonymous Data and Buyer Intent

Prior to 6sense, SocialChorus’ ABM approach focused on one buyer persona, only leveraging data from known leads in Marketo and Outreach. This process limited their interaction to only those contacts who “raised their hand” and showed interest in the platform, leaving a sea of anonymous data and potential buyers completely untouched.

Now, their ABM focus has shifted away from leads and towards the account as a whole. 6sense allows SocialChorus to see all activity at the account level, including anonymous and intent data, such as keyword searches. This insight enables SocialChorus to deliver a highly personalized experience, unique to each account and stakeholder. Sales and Marketing are more efficient and effective in their ability to prioritize accounts that are leaning in now that they can hone in on what is most important to that buyer. The teams are much more aligned on which accounts to target and what data points are most effective when reaching out to those accounts.

Jessica says, “Sales and Marketing get to strategize on how to move key accounts rather than just ‘spraying and praying’ on both sides.”

Focused Efforts with 6sense

SocialChorus relies heavily on 6sense intent data to prioritize the accounts they are pursuing in 2019. With 6sense data at their fingertips, they can build account playbooks that address specific pain points or areas of interest. 6sense weekly dashboards show the team exactly which overlooked accounts are leaning in and provides them with the anonymous intent data they need to personalize their outreach to the right buyer. SDRs are able to focus on the right accounts at the right time, with the right message.

“For us, ABM does not stop at closed-won. We are using 6sense to look at customers to assess if they are a good candidate for services upsells,” Jessica explained. “I’m very excited to see further platform development. The recent UI update and alert functionality have been extremely helpful to our marketing and sales teams.”

SocialChorus is not alone in their journey to ABM success. Learn how other 6sense customers are using our Account Based Orchestration platform to uncover demand, prioritize action, and engage buying teams.

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