Put 6sense to the Test


Are you missing out on opportunities to connect with customers?

Put 6sense to the Test

See for yourself how 6sense uncovers demand for your products or solutions and matches accounts better than any other vendor. We’ll guide you through the match test process and answer your questions every step along the way.

B2B buyers today conduct their own research and initiate buying cycles without filling out web forms or contacting sales. They might even decide to buy from a competitor without ever visiting your website or showing up in your CRM.

That’s why uncovering anonymous buying signals and accurately matching them to accounts is so important to B2B sales and marketing teams. 

Many ABM vendors claim to uncover anonymous buyers on your website and across the internet and match them to accounts, but the proof is in the results. 6sense outperforms all other competitors in head-to-head account match tests — every time.

Our proprietary intent network picks up granular buyer intent signals on your website as well as 3.5M+ B2B websites across the internet, enabling you to uncover anonymous buyers who fit your ideal customer profile and are currently in market for your products or solutions. 

Then, our company ID graph matches those signals to accounts and buying teams with a level of accuracy unmatched by any other ABM provider, giving you more chances to engage buyers and generate revenue.

50%+ better account match rate than competitors.

Anatomy of a Match Test

Running a head-to-head match test should be a key part of your process when selecting a vendor to uncover anonymous B2B demand and match to accounts — and running a match test is easy. Here’s how it works.

  1. Deploy JavaScript tags to your website. 6sense and other vendors you’re evaluating will provide a code snippet that can be added to your site in a matter of minutes.
  2. Allow 1-2 weeks for data collection. If your website gets a high volume of traffic, one week is sufficient. If your business is smaller, it’s best to allow two weeks to ensure you have a large enough data set for meaningful comparison.
  3. Compare results. Ask 6sense and the other vendors you’re evaluating to provide screenshots showing the results. Simply compare the total number of accounts each vendor identifies as well as the total number of keywords searched by potential buyers during the test period to determine the winner. 
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