How Mediafly Increased Inbound Quality 10x by Switching to ABM

Megan Florida, Digital Marketing Director at Mediafly, walked us through the process that brought the Mediafly team to 6sense and how they are using the 6sense platform to scale their ABM, increase their lead generation and create more sophisticated, targeted campaigns.

Prior to 6sense, Mediafly had a leads based approach, particularly for events and inbound, which drove a lot of activity but didn’t produce the bottom line results they wanted. They had a target list 1,000 accounts which they knew were in their ideal customer profile, and wanted to target and engage those accounts vs. just generate “leads.”

“I quickly realized that the ability to uncover anonymous activity, then prioritize who is in-market and engage them with highly targeted ads was a much more valuable approach."

“When I first began engaging ABM technology vendors, my focus was purely on ABM Ads.  I quickly realized that the ability to uncover anonymous activity, then prioritize who is in-market and engage them with highly targeted ads was a much more valuable approach,” Megan explained. Budgeting for new technology is never easy, but upon looking at their current spending Megan saw the opportunity to reduce spending in underperforming advertising channels in favor of 6sense’s Account Based Orchestration Platform and more productive engagement channels.  

Mediafly looked to 6sense to help them maximize their investment and meet their big growth goals. Megan knew they needed to make a dramatic shift and wanted not only a superior technology but a partnership that would support them in defining their ABM strategy. It was a big shift for Mediafly and 6sense offered the end to end capabilities, data-driven approach, and consultative support they wanted.

Mediafly quickly implemented the 6sense Account Based Orchestration Platform and in less than a week they were uncovering anonymous intent from 1st and 3rd parties, slicing and dicing data to create targeted segments, and serving up highly personal ads. Mediafly made 6sense data the basis for all their marketing campaigns.

“6sense has changed the way I prioritize my day and the way I think about building campaigns.

I build segments and then I can see the keyword accounts those segments are researching. Based on the keywords I then create customized ads that I know the buying team is interested in, and surround them with those ads – and it is all right there in 6sense.”

"Audience creation is an in-depth process, and you can spend a lot of time and money trying to reach the right audience. 6sense puts you in front of the right people so that you can focus on creating campaigns that matter."​
Megan Florida
Megan FloridaDigital Marketing Director


6sense has also driven a new level of alignment with sales. In fact, at Mediafly 6sense is a verb. Account executives are always wanting to “6sense” their opportunities and they have made it part of every forecast call. With 6sense, account executives know which competitors are likely in their deals, what the prospect is researching, and which key personas they should be targeting. And because they have deeper insights into what prospects care about, they are tailoring their outreach with impactful content that delivers a better prospect experience – enabling the sales team to compete and win more often. As a result, the click-through rates on Mediafly’s customized campaigns are 10x greater than non-customized campaigns.

Hitting the Ground Running…What’s Next?

Mediafly is now creating a unique experience for 1000+ enterprise companies – from industry videos, to brand specific campaigns, to keyword search campaigns (i.e. sales enablement). The results are in and 6sense has been a game changer!  The quality of inbound opportunities has gone up 10X and it happened very quickly. As an example, within 2 months of implementing 6sense, Mediafly generated its first new opportunity with a tier 1 account that they had previously been unable to reach.

The ultimate goal for Mediafly in using 6sense is to accelerate the sales cycle by continuing to create more quality inbound opportunities We look forward to checking in with Megan again in a few months to see how 6sense is impacting Mediafly’s deal velocity and what is up next on their 6sense ABM journey!

Learn how 6sense customers are uncovering demand, prioritizing action, and engaging buying teams with our Account Based Orchestration platform.

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