Another Year in the Books with GoodSense

What is GoodSense?

6sense and San Francisco Community (SFC) School launched a partnership in the fall of 2015, known as GoodSense. The SF Community School is located in the Excelsior District, and has been committed to representing San Francisco diversity since it began in 1972. As the philanthropic arm of 6sense, GoodSense, in partnership with Circle the Schools through the San Francisco Education Fund, is devoted to doing our part for the community and contribute to the common good.

Since 2015, 6sense has helped support several of the annual school events including school picnics, fundraisers, beautification projects, “Back to School”, “Open House”, school graduation, and more. This year, GoodSense efforts were present at the Fall School Picnic, Kermes Carnival, Winter Project Open House and the Spring Project Open House. During the open houses, students present their projects to their families and community members – 6sense helped support by printing the science curriculum that underpinned many of the projects, a crowd-favorite being the famous popsicle stick bridge challenge. A fun evening celebrating and encouraging students’ curiosities, wrapped up with milk and cookies handed out by 6sense volunteers.

This year, GoodSense volunteered 74 hours in total, and donated $828 worth of resources to the school. We are looking forward to support even more events in the years to come, and are thrilled to celebrate 4 wonderful years in partnership with the SF Community School.

San Francisco Community School PTA President, Maia, says:

“Each time your employees come to campus, they do so with joy, eagerness and lots of energy! You all fit in where you are needed and make things happen even with limited support.”

At 6sense, we’re committed to presenting our best selves forward – not just for work, but for our community as well. We’re a rockstar team, both inside and out! Come join our team – we’re hiring! 

Here are some of our favorite GoodSense moments with the SF Community School: 


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