What Have You Got To Gain? The 6sense Value Analysis (6VA)

The 6sense Value Analysis is designed to help B2B revenue teams in quantifying the specific sales and marketing improvement potential that can be achieved with the 6sense ABM Orchestration Platform.

This tool was independently developed based on Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) research to help you:

Uncover challenges – Identify potential challenges and compare your sales and marketing priorities and metrics to peers
Assess business value potential – Quantify your specific sales and marketing improvement potential with 6sense
Obtain a Personalized Analysis Report – Receive a custom report to explore further and share with other stakeholders

What You'll Need to Get Started

This interactive tool will require a number of inputs to calculate: 

  • Annual Business Value
  • 3-Year Total Sales Efficiency Gains
  • Annual Incremental Pipeline, and 
  • Annual Incremental Revenue

General information includes, Organization Name, Location, Industry, your Product/Solution, and your Role. You will also need to gather specific marketing and sales information outlined below. (All of this information can be estimated, however the more accurate the input, the more accurate your 6VA)

Marketing-Specific Information

  • Annual Inquires/Leads/Nurture
  • Lead to MQL Conversion Rate
  • MQL to SQL Conversion Rate
  • Win Rate

Sales-Specific Information

  • Number of Reps on 6sense, Year 1, 2 and 3
  • Annual Sales Bookings / Rep
  • Percentage of Pipeline not Sourced by Marketing
  • Average Opportunity Value
  • Median Sales Cycle (Won Deals) in Months
  • Gross Profit Contribution Margin
  • Commission Rate
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